10 Websites to Help You Feel Better

Around the beginning of this year, I started getting migraines. I’ve never had migraines before and I still don’t know what’s causing them, but they’ve been awful, nothing makes them feel better, and they’ve really done a number on my mental health. It’s hard to feel great about the world when you can’t use your brain because it hurts too much.

Luckily, the internet can be a friendly and magical place, and there are all sorts of things out there to help one feel better when slow-cooker chili just isn’t enough. Here are 10 different websites to help cheer you up when you feel like garbage.

If apps are more your thing, check out my reviews of Booster Buddy and Woebot. They’ll help you feel better, too.

Make Everything Okay Button

A magical button that makes everything okay!

…Alright, fine, no it doesn’t, but it can help you feel better just to press the button anyway.


One of my favorite subreddits. It’s just posts of people laughing, which can often be funny enough on its own because people have delightfully ridiculous laughs. Even at my grumpiest or most despondent, spending enough time here will eventually elicit a chuckle from me.

Tofupupper’s YouTube Account

Tofu Pudding Jones, Tofupupper, Tofu-chan, or Tobë, is a Shiba Inu with a love of bread… and you. His YouTube account is full of happy videos with topics ranging from encouraging songs to Japanese vocabulary lessons to very important discussions on various baked goods.

And, if his YouTube isn’t enough for you, Tofu is also on Instagram.

Find the Invisible Cow

A hot and cold game where you move your cursor around the screen to locate an invisible cow. You’ll know you’re close when the voice yelling “COW” over and over again becomes even louder and more excited/aggressive. Mind your volume.

Weave Silk

A website that lets you make pretty fractal art. If you grew up with Spirographs, it’s like that but digital. Very soothing.

Open Puppies

Open link. Receive dog gifs. No further explanation needed.

Cookie Clicker

An idle game where the goal is to amass a cookie-making empire and possibly bring about the apocalypse with an army of demon grandmas.

You Feel Like Shit

Probably the one actually useful link in this list. An interactive self-care guide to help you feel less like shit.


Free do-it-yourself a cappella band. Live your barbershop quartet dreams: no friends required!

The Useless Web

Click the button and be swept away to any number of random, single-use, and sometimes downright weird websites. I’m partial to Tiny Tuba.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you feel better.

gif by the delightful Chibird

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