What (Free) Apps Do YOU Love?

Another migraine yesterday, so another half-assed post today. Sorry about that. I hope you’ll bear with me as I get through my latest mysterious medical malady.

As it happens, I’ve been using Migraine Buddy to track these new headaches and, as I mentioned in my last half-assed post, I’m quite fond of it. That assessment still holds. I plan to do a proper review of it but would like to spend more time fiddling first.

Hot Free Apps in Your Area?

Anyway, for today’s post, I want to ask the audience. What are some free apps or programs you’ve loved lately? They can be anything or do anything, but I won’t be able to try them myself (and write a review) if I can’t get them on Android or Windows 10. And they’ve gotta be free apps for now because I’m broke as hell.

I’m especially on the lookout for things that are new or that not a lot of people know about. Nobody needs a review from me saying that Duolingo exists. Gimme that new and obscure shit. I want to recommend good stuff, sure, but I also want indie developers to get their much-deserved moment in the sun, too.

Are You a Developer?

Developers of cool apps and programs, this is your chance to earn some sweet, sweet free advertising to all one of my readers (hi, Mom!). Tell me what you’re working on! Show off your digital babies, for I wish to coo at them!

You can reply to this blog post or my tweet about it, which you’ll find here.

I’m always interested in the latest and greatest virtual tools, so if you know of any new and exciting free apps, do tell me about them! I’m eager to hear from you.

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