Dark Sky Really Brightens My Day

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a variety of decidedly uncool interests. Among them is a deep love for the weather. I really fucking love the weather. And I really love my newest weather app discovery, Dark Sky.

Since I don’t have cable, I long to fill the Jim Cantore-shaped hole in my heart with sick graphics and weather reports as local as I can get short of just going outside and seeing for myself what’s happening. Dark Sky, created by the aptly-named Dark Sky Company, promises to do exactly this. Boasting hyper-local reports with down-to-the-minute precision, I was immediately drawn in to download.

And y’all, Dark Sky delivers. The app determined my location down to the street. It was off by a couple blocks but, frankly, most weather apps can’t even find my city on the first try.

The interface is oh-so clean and appealing. Readings are thorough and accurate. And the maps and radar are insanely fun to mess around with.

My personal favorite? The EMOJI MAP.


Dark Sky is free to use and cross-platform. There is a premium version, where most of the good shit, like real-time weather notifications, are hiding, but it’s an almost irresponsibly inexpensive three dollars a year. A YEAR.

Suffice it to say I’ve subscribed.

I’ve recently begun getting migraines related to the barometric pressure (I sure super love getting old), so having the most accurate and up-to-date weather information can make a serious difference to the quality of my day. Dark Sky can warn me when the pressure falls suddenly, so I know to be prepared for a headache and can adjust my plans accordingly. I wanted a nifty weather app, sure, but Dark Sky gave me more than that. It’s now part of my healthcare routine.

Somebody better tell Cantore there’s a new kid on the block. I think I’m in love!

Final Verdict:

Rating: 👻👻👻👻👻
Pros: Cheapest freemium I’ve ever seen, GORGEOUS interface, delivers what it promises
Cons: Not quite as much customization as I’d like (but damn close to it)


Google Play
App Store
Job Board (they’re hiring!)

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