The Infinite Language Apps Make Vocabulary Drills Genuinely Fun

If one of your New Year’s resolutions this year was to learn a new language, you’re in for a treat. It’s never been easier to access language-learning resources–often genuinely good ones–online for little to no cost. Admittedly, you may have less luck with more obscure languages, though Duolingo is doing its part to preserve endangered languages like Hawaiian and Irish.

Apps like Duolingo attempt to do it all. They teach users the way they might learn in a classroom, albeit with more gameful elements to make learning more fun. But learning a new language is a complex process. It can be helpful to have more specialized apps to aid with things like pronunciation and vocabulary drilling.

If you use Duolingo to learn your language, Tinycards is a flashcard-based companion app that fills this niche. But I would suggest something else: The Infinite Languages apps.

How the Infinite Apps Work

Developed by Jernung, there are currently 11 different languages to choose from. The game itself, however, is the same no matter which you choose. The premise is simple: meteors are falling from the sky and the only way to stop them is to know your vocabulary words!

The concept of the Infinite apps is quite simple, simple enough that I thought I’d get quite bored with it. However, it’s often the simplest games that are the easiest to get sucked into, and that’s what happened with me. I play both Infinite Spanish and Infinite Japanese. I even bought the premium version of the latter to do away with ads.

While I highly recommend the Infinite apps, they aren’t perfect. The ads can be obnoxious and a bit difficult to click out of at times. I find that Infinite Spanish freezes up often, though I don’t recall ever having that problem with Japanese. There is a bit of customization available, though you have to pay for most of it. And, while I don’t regret buying it, the premium versions are pretty expensive for Android apps, at a whopping $6.99 USD. It’s a one-time payment, which is nice, but I’m not sure you get enough bang for your buck.

Still, as far as vocabulary drills go, the Infinite apps are the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s definitely way more fun than flashcards!

Final Verdict:

Rating: 👻 👻 👻
Pros: Free to use, premium version is one-time payment, colorful and fun, 11 language options, watch one ad and get no pop-ups for the day.
Cons: Premium is pricey and only counts for one language, some versions work better than others

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