Fuck Adobe Creative Cloud: Use These Free Programs Instead

LAST UPDATED: 7/6/2020

This list is always updating. If you feel something is missing, feel free to contact me to suggest I add it!

Once upon a time (January of 2019) I made a blog post purely out of spite. I actually made a whole blog out of spite, just to make that one blog post. I did it because I was furious about a spike in the price of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, which is already stupidly expensive. You may recognize this graphic:

For the record, I threw this list together in like 4 hours between doing things for my actual for-real job.

That was me. I did that.

This is a repost of that post because the blog that post used to live on no longer exists. Well, it does, it’s just this blog now.

Anyway, keep reading below for the actual round-up. Thanks for stopping by. And, as always, #FuckAdobe.

The other day I saw a tweet that ignited a fury in me I still haven’t gotten over.

Goddamn it Adobe.

The tweet, by user @burgerdrome, explained that Adobe is raising the price of their Creative Cloud subscription from $39.99 per month to $48.99 per month. For one person. One person!!! This goes beyond unfair, soars past unjust, and teeters at the edge of criminal.

You see, dear reader, I hate any company that tries to exploit the already poor-as-shit creator community, as I myself am a member of that group. However, I have a particular case of the ass against Adobe. Adobe, to me, symbolizes everything I hate about both capitalism and Western civilization’s complete disregard of the arts and humanities as not just valuable, but necessary parts of life.

But I’m not writing this to preach or complain. Instead, I’m taking a more proactive approach to my frustration. Instead, I’ve scoured the internet and rounded up free or cheap alternatives to every major Adobe CC product, many of which I personally use because I fucking hate Adobe so goddamn much.

In future blog posts, I’ll go through each of these programs and talk about them more in-depth. But I feel a sense of urgency to get this post out to the masses, so for now, here are just names and links.

Side note: Because I only have a PC, I’ve only looked at PC apps. While many of these programs may also have Mac versions, I didn’t make a point of confirming, because frankly if you can afford a Mac computer, you probably don’t need this article anyway.

All of these apps are free to use. Italicized apps are free but have premium versions. Bolded apps are what I have used and can personally vouch for, at least within the scope of my own work.







Because all of these programs are free, and most of them are open-source, their functionality is going to feel limited in places where the Adobe programs do not. For beginners or people looking for a no-frills approach to creation, this could actually be a good thing. For hard-boiled professionals, however, the limitations might hurt more.

There are also more than plenty of other, non-free alternatives that might better suit the needs of hardcore users. Clip Studio Paint has become an overnight sensation for artists and there are tons of InDesign clones out there that, while not exactly cheap, are still cheaper than Adobe’s absurd $50 a month. Plus, many of these alternatives are a simple, one-time payment. As software should be.

But please don’t discount the power of these free programs! While there might be limitations, open-source programs like Paint.NET offer TONS of customization through plug-ins, and it’s entirely possible to build yourself a powerful program using the scaffolding of these basic free ones this way. The reason I don’t use GIMP is that I’ve beefed Paint.NET up so much I don’t need it. Also, GIMP takes 900 years to open and Paint.NET does not. Priorities.

In the wake of this price hike crisis, creators feel rightfully attacked. People want to know: What is it going to take to show Adobe that this kind of behavior isn’t okay?

The answer is short and simple: They need to lose money over it. The only time a company as big as Adobe cares about their customers is when they’re hemorrhaging funds and can’t figure out why. As my late uncle always used to say: Money talks. Bullshit walks.

Using these free or cheaper programs and encouraging other people—especially professionals—to also use them will hit Adobe right where they’ll feel it most: In the wallet. Plus, it’ll help support small-time developers, which increases competition, which might make room for something better than Adobe to emerge. Or it’ll at least pressure Adobe into keeping their prices fair.

The only way to fix the system is to tear it down by its foundations. Scurry from Adobe like cockroaches in the light. Go download free programs. Create in spite of Adobe saying you can’t without ponying up your life savings first. Take immense satisfaction in knowing that, every time you open Blender or DaVinci Resolve, you’re giving Adobe a big fat finger to their greedy faces.

Now get out there and create, you lovely bastards.

2 Replies to “Fuck Adobe Creative Cloud: Use These Free Programs Instead”

  1. I got an Adobe CC all apps subscription for about 30 USD per month about a month ago. It was 40% off. I was also told by a fellow creator that if you don’t renew your subscription, they will offer you a similar discount. I create Skillshare classes and it was a treat to go from Premiere Elements (one time payment of 100 USD or so) to Premiere Pro. It was worth the money for me. Same goes for Photoshop CC which is just 10 USD a month if you want only photoshop and light room. I use Inkscape and I love it. I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator. I might try Da Vinci Resolve or HitFilm Express but I tried them years ago and for some reason they weren’t suitable for my needs. Thanks for putting together this list, I may reconsider my choices.


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